Bhutan Milo Cup 2018 – 2019

The Milo cup will be played in 20 districts of Bhutan in Gelephu under different age categories.  A total of approximately more than 1200 students will be participating in this tournament. Students of different age groups, both male and female, will be involved in tournaments across the country which is spread throughout the year. 

From dated 20th – 30th Dec, 2018, the matches of Under 14 girls and Under 16 girls will be played. At the same time,  from 5th – 16th Jan, 2019 Under 13 boys and Under 16 boys matches will be played. 

“Kids love  nothing better than getting out onto the sporting fields and playing with their friends.”  Nestlé Milo

Bhutan Football Federation and Nestlé Milo officially announced their new sponsorship deal for this tournament, which is the first such agreement that Nestlé has ever made with a sports club in Bhutan.

Bhutan Milo Cup 2018- 2019 Official Video