The success of Spain in the Youth International Football Competitions, European Championship and World Cup… over the last 10 years shows that, they are the best team in the world in terms of techniques & tactical senses. Although the average physical size of their players are not big & strong, they are so compose, agile & especially quick react to the ball changing moment. This “Win before oppositions could think” behavior & mentality is not only the result of their long term constructive youth development program accompany with good coach educational programs. But also because most of their football players were used to playing Futsal game (5-a-side football) when they were young!

5 vs 5 game with goalkeeper, 4 outfield players keep working together as a unit in terms of attacking & defending. All players can experience the joy of scoring while defending as individual, in pairs or as a team happening second after second. With the “Stop watch” rules governing the game, the players have to react quickly to the situation. It then can cultivate quick decision making players on the field – the most important key element nowadays in football!


BFF Futsal Development Programs & Competitions

Brazil – the long time strong football country who conquering the world football for the last few decades, their legend players like Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldino, Kaka, Robino… all of these great players were players of their local Futsal clubs when they were 5, 6 years old. We all agree that, players of Brazil are talented. Their success in football was no coincidence! This is also the result of small sided football!

We should not forget that, Brazil & Spain are the only two countries had clinched the 8 editions’ Futsal World Cup trophy! It reflects that, those outstanding counties in Futsal are also strong in Football. Not to mention that, starting from the 70s, Holland also famous in producing technical gifted players. Thanks to their 4 vs 4 games in a smaller pitch! 

Why Futsal is suitable in Bhutan?

In Bhutan, there are many hard surface football pitches. We could make use of these existing facilities to develop this game if proper line marking are drawn & goal posts are installed. Particularly, 90% of the local schools have no football ground for training or competitions but, they do have a basketball court. This size is already ideal enough for the students to play the Futsal game. Or we may also consider creating the 4 vs 4 competitions without goalkeepers on the basket court. Actually, there is more youth taking part in the Futsal.

Why Futsal is Important?

  • To provide an environment and opportunity for youth in schools.
  • To create a large base to identify talented players for future.
  • To gather the elites to represent in school, club competitions and later in the National Team.


  • To introduce futsal to youth.
  • To promote the philosophy of futsal.
  • To develop the activities of futsal in school.
  • To increase participation in futsal program.
  • To provide a healthy lifestyle for our youth.
  • To train futsal coach-educators
  • To train qualified coach-educators to be Instructors.
  • To encourage parents and volunteers to get involved.