India 12:0 Sri Lanka – Final Score

No sooner does the second half start and jersey number 6 of India, TH. Kritina Devi, a defender scores a goal within the first minute of the second half. The Sri-Lankan team seems to have come back with a more firmer planning this time as they play better than the previous half of the match. Very little progress has been made and a substitution has been made for Sri-Lanka with jersey number 8 in and 4 out.

India 12:0 Sri Lanka - Final Score

The 8th goal by India has been scored by jersey number 9, Avika Singh, a mid fielder on the 47th minute. The spectators supporting India applause with cheers as they forsee the end of the match, predicting according to the current situation. Another substitution has been made with jersey number 22 in and 11 out for India.

A free kick has been provided to Sri Lanka, jersey number 9 but misses the goal post and the match goes on. A Sri-Lankan player gets injured minorly and leaves the field. Jersey number 17 of India, Kiran, a mid fielder scored India’s 9th goal during the 68th minute of the game. Sri-Lanka still has not scored even a goal while India continuously keeps getting shots inside the goal.

Another score by jersey number 12 of India, Sunita Munda, a forward player during the 76th minute of the game marks the 10th goal by India. The positions during this time of the match seems to have spread the Sri-Lankan players on a wider aspect and not like the first half- only on one half of the football field.

On the nearing end of the match, during the 84th minute, Indian player jersey number 22, Anju, a forward player scores the 11th goal for her team. Another goal is scored by the same player, Anju at 86th minute making it a total of 12 goals for team India.

Added time of 2 minutes is given at the end and it has resulted in the conclusion of India 12-0 Srilanka. Sri-Lanka receives an embarrassing defeat by the Indians as they score a total of 12 consistent goals for today’s match.

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