LHAYUL advance to top 4 with a goalless draw

The expectedly high paced game between DRUK LHAYUL FC and TRANSPORT UNITED FC ended in a goalless draw, having to share a point each by the game time. In their last encounter, LHAYUL won the game with a lone goal from Jigme Tshultrim in the last minutes of the match.

In the starting minutes LHAYUL found an awesome chance but striker Kelzang Penjor kicked it a little too wide and after that, pressure built on the new team as TRANSPORT UNITED FC went into full on attacking mode threatening them. DRUK LHAYUL basically had to park their bus to guard the ball from finding the net. TRANSPORT forward Kinga Wangchuk almost put his team forward at 42 minutes on the clock but the ball bounced back from the crossbar.

The second half was nothing different but the last few minutes saw the senior team under extensive pressure as the new team acquired quite a lot of chances. The rage of revenge of their last minute loss against the same team seemed to have affected the composure of TUFC players, squandering all the exceptional chances. Nevertheless both the host and visitor of the day kept their guard up not letting in any goal. They shared a point each by the full time.

“We are happy being able to reach the top 4 with todays draw and satisfied that we grabbed 4 points playing against TRANSPORT UNITED FC” said the boss of DRUK LHAYUL, Mr. Sonam Tenzin.