Bhutan fielded youngest women national team for the SAFF women’s championship this year and it was brave performance from the girls. With average age of the 16 years in the team, the girls lacked experience, match exposure and game intelligence at the start.

As the matches went on the girls grew with confident and the kept improving.


  1. Nepal 8-0 Bhutan,
  2. Sri Lanka 2-0 Bhutan
  3. Maldives 3-1 Bhutan

The last match against Maldives was very special performance from the girls. Bhutan was trailing by two goals at the first half and the second half Bhutan out played Maldives in every aspect of the game. Bhutan was playing half-ground and kept pressing at Maldivian goal post until 78th when Bhutan finally scored the only goal in the entire tournament.

It was emotional goal for the girls and one could see tears in player’s eyes and at the bench girls cried with joy which was very special.

We just embarked on the road to glory and years to come Bhutan will be the force to reckon with and those 14 years old girls will shine in international arena.

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