Pakistan 0:2 Nepal – First Half Report

Nepal did the kick off, playing against Pakistan at Changlingmithang Stadium, Thimphu, Bhutan at 7 pm tonight. The Nepali Chelis scored their first goal for their team by Anuska Sherpa, jersey number 10 at the 7th minute from when the game started.

Pakistan 0:2 Nepal

The following goal was scored by a Nepalese player, Sabita Ranamagar during the 13th minute, making it a consecutive two goals for Nepal. Pakistan’s coach was fussing over his players’ portraying of skills, being left in disappointment.

Pakistan 0:2 Nepal

No major progress was made when nearing the first half as both the teams were coming off strong with no differentiations. Nepal’s football team seemed to have simmered down with their strategies unlike during their start off.


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