Punakha derby ends in 2-1 win of UAFC

A surprisingly fortuitous chip from defender Dilip Gurung at 85 minutes which bounced right into the net gave UGYEN ACADEMY FC a hard earned 3 points today at Punakha. Their midfielder Kelzang Jigme was the one to break the tedious deadlock at 71 minutes when he went pass the GOMO goalie Bivek Biswa to tap in the goal.

UAFC celebrating Dilip’s surprising chip

In the starting half both the teams of Punakha pressed on equally. The new team showed an exceptional play threatening the senior team numerous times but couldn’t afford to net any goal nor did they concede. “It was a match of young talents. They are all getting better by the game and I feel GOMO FC played better today” said Mr. Bikash, coach of UA FC. He said he saved his senior players Dilip Gurung and Chhuma Dorji Lepcha for their match against HIGH QUALITY UNITED FC.

However, in the second half we saw the defender Dilip Gurung in his position, doing what he does the best. On the other side, Captain Gayden Rinchen had gathered his confidence to go forward as the striker, making his entry only after the interval. Despite the role being new, captain Gayden nodded an equalizer at 80 minutes on the clock. But the substituted defender Dilip put his team ahead 5 minutes from the full time.

“The teams played equally good but luck didn’t favor us today” said the gaffar of GOMO FC Jangchuk Dorji.

For the next match, we will have GELEPHU FC vs PARO FC.