Respect for Referee

Respect is a long term focus to improve behavior of all parties involved in the game of football, both on and off the field. Referee has a bigger role to implement the ‘respect’.

At times passion runs high in the game of football. It can damage the enjoyment part of the game. Through spreading the massage of ‘Respect’, the unacceptable and abusive behavior towards referees and young people can be tackled.

What the stakeholders need to do:

  • Parents: To encourage young football players to respect the Referees and other people around the field.
  • Young Players: Learn good ethical practices in football. Enhance knowledge of the laws of the game.
  • Coaches: Inculcate a habit of self restraint even when his team is losing and act as guardian of ‘respect’.
  • Adult Players: Acts as model for younger players to respect the officials.
  • Spectators: Enhance knowledge of the laws of the game and accept the result at the final whistle.

Many other stake holders need to ‘respect’ the laws of the game and other regulations to make game more enjoyable and a tool for social behavior development.