Successful Completion – AFC A Diploma Course Module 1

The AFC A Diploma Course Module 1 comes to the end today successfully. The first module covered all aspects of attacking plays in the game. The practical drills conducted during the training focuses mainly on scoring goals by moving the ball forward to create chances. Since scoring goals is the ultimate task in football, such awareness on game-like activities helps to developed attacking abilities.

Mr. Vincent Subramaniam, Course Instructor stated that the main objective of the course was to improve and train the participants on the importance of developing an attacking strategy, whereby to create scoring opportunities by using individual ability, quick, confident combination play and a constant movement of players.

Mr. Kinley Dorji, Head of Coach Education also mentioned that participants should use the knowledge learned during the course to create training conditions that induce players to develop their soccer skills while manipulating time and space.

Mr. Dorji Khandu, Assistance Instructor also commented that such training helps coaches to implement new strategies. The coaches have a crucial role to play in the furtherance of sporting performance. 

We thank all the participants for your energetically and enthusiastically involvement during the training. We treasure your contributions and time with us, and we hope you all have experienced and learned useful and profitable ideas.

I would like to thank specially Tensung FC coach and players for their commitment in the course.

All participants are required to complete the post-course task before the start of Module 2, form 24th March 2020. Course Instructors were pleased with a commitment and participation during the group discussion in module 1.