Woman of the match, Pema Choden Tshering

Taktshang Women FC faced a crushing defeat against Sunrise Women FC in their own backyard, Woochu Sports Arena today. Sunrise had already put the game to bed in first few minutes of match commencement and left the new team from Paro stunned as they netted 21 goals by the full time.

The first half saw a haul from Captain Galey Wangmo, a double each from Pema Choden Tshering and Sonam Yangchen and a goal each from Namgyel Dema, Tandin Zangmo and Sonam Choki Tamang. An own goal from Taktshang defense had the visitors for the day netting 12 goals before the break.

Even in the second half, the floodgate of goals went lose as Sunrise midfielder Namgyel Dema went ahead scoring a haul, Pema Choden Tshering yet again slotted a brace and a goal each from Sonam Yangchen, Pema Selden and Yeshi Dema gave them an major large margin win.

As the result explains for itself, the whole game swung in favor of the visitors and the hosts for the day were forced to opt for a very defensive game until the game time.

For the next match we will have Paro FC vs Ugyen Academy FC at Woochu Sports Arena on 13th October.

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