Youth Football Development Principles

Similar to building on the Grassroots principles, the Youth Development principles are:

  • Football as an enjoyable activity: To ensure that football is enjoyed by adolescents and to design activities to ensure that football can be fun to play. This help in making playing football a lifetime habit.
  • Football as a school of life: To ensure that adolescents are given the opportunity to play, live a healthy lifestyle and get positive character building through good discipline, respect, tolerance, and teamwork by playing football.
  • Appropriate Facilities and equipment: Facilities and equipment for training and playing should be provided appropriately, according to the age group and stage of growth and development of players.
  • Suitable age group competitions: Age group competitions and tournaments should be organized within and outside the country to expose players. This will help in the competitiveness of the players.
  • Merit-based selection: The selection of the players will be done on a merit-based of talent and performance over the years.
  • Scientific support: To maximize the player’s development and progress, they should have the support of sport science elements such as sports medicine, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition etc.
  • Improve Standard of coaching: Better and qualified coaches are provided to the children who can then make use of the coaches to get better and latest techniques and knowledge to further develop their own skill in football.