Bhutan adds a loss to the three Games they played so far

Bhutan Looses its Third match against India. The scorer of the previous games Jersey 10 was Injured in the second half of the game and there’s no saying how the next game for Bhutan will turn out to be. The fans knowing what the outcome will be yet holding on to the team they they root for cheering them up until the next time. There will always be a next time and next time goodwill Team Dragon Boys will come with heads unbowed and souls unconquered.

india wins

Team India on the other hand cherishes its first wins in the games they have played so far. Their first game turned out to be a disaster with 3 goals they scored in the first half however the turn of events after the first half came when Bangladesh scored 4 goals in a torrent stranding India at bay with the 3 goals that could have meant a win against Bangladesh.

bhutan vs india

Bhutan faces Bangladesh in the coming week and we can only speculate the outcome. Bhutan beating Maldives and the defending champions Team Nepal in the first two games it’s played in the championship this season.

This far the tides are turning as if in a storm or that of in an earthquake. Our best wishes are directed towards the best team that rightly deserves the title of the “champions of the South Asia Football Federations”

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