Month Activities Date Venue Nu./Million Source of Fund Target Remarks
January a)U-13 & 15 national meet 2-12 Jan Gelephu 0.550
Selection for academy Done
b)Coaches workshop/ U-13 manual impart 13- 17 Jan Gelephu 0.880 AFC Coaches report/Plans Done
c)U-14 girl camp 10-17 Jan Gelephu 0.250 FIFA Selection for academy Done
d)U 18 boy’s selection camp 20-27Jan Gelephu 0.300 FIFA Done
February a)National Team preparation and participation 1-28 Feb Thimphu 18.00 FIFA(add) WC qualification Done
March a)National Team – preparation 2-9 March BKK Thailand Same as above  WC qualification Done
b)AFC women day celebration 8th March Thimphu Done
c)National Team preparation 12thAway 17th Home Sri Lanka
WC qualification Done
d)Live your Goal program 19-22 March Gelephu Grassroots Festival
e)U-15 Club Championship 7-28 March Thimphu 0.500 FIFA Club Done
f)AFC U 14 girl’s competition 18-26 March Kathmandu 1.00 FIFA AFC competition Done
April a)Yanmar Thimphu premier league 4-30 April Thimphu 1.200 Sponsor Japan Club Done
b)AFC C coaching course 6-18 April Thimphu 0.500 AFC Women Done
May a)Yanmar Thimphu premier league 1-31 May Thimphu  Club Done
b)Regional Referee Instructor course 1-5 May Thimphu 0.250 FIFA Done
c)Grassroots course 7-11 May Trongsa Grassroots festival/course No budget
d)Women Football FIFA Administrative Course 11-15 May Thimphu/ Gelephu 0.300 FIFA(add) FIFA Course Postponed but
done in Dec
e)AFC Grassroots festival 15 May 20 districts 0.400 AFC Grassroots festival Done
f)Grassroots course 27-31 May Gasa Grassroots festival/course No budget
June a)Thimphu B Division Championship 4-30 June Thimphu 0.600 FIFA Club Done
b)National Team match
(with Hong Kong)
11 June Hong Kong FIFA Competition Done
c)National Team match
(with China)
16 June Thimphu FIFA Competition Done
July a)GR summer coaching 1-10 July All 18 districts GR program Done
b)Youth Referee course 3-7 July Paro 0.100 FIFA BFF Course
c)Relegation and up gradation matches 5-11 July Thimphu 0.025 FIFA Club Done
d)Futsal Referee course 6-11 July Thimphu 0.300 FIFA(add) FIFA
e)Inter district U-12 & U-14 Boy & girls 1-31 July 18 districts 2.00 AFC Selection for National meet Done
f)Futsal Level 1 20-25 July Thimphu 0.300 FIFA(add)
g)National league 1-31 July Home & Away 3.00 Sponsor/FIFA Club Done
h)FIFA GK intermediate Course 29 July-2 Aug Thimphu FIFA FIFA Course Done
August a)National league 1-31 Aug Home & Away Same as above Club Done
b)FIFA Advance GR 13-19 Aug Paro FIFA Course for Focal person Done
c)German Coach visit 8-18 Aug Thimphu Short term Done
d)U 19 SAFF
18-29 Aug Kathmandu SAFF Competition Done
e)Coaches workshop 20-22 August Paro Coaches reports/plans
f)AFC Conditioning course 24-31 Aug Thimphu 0.350 AFC BFF coaches No enough participants
September a)AFC Goal Keeping level 1 1-5 Sept Thimphu BFF/Club coaches No enough participants
b)National Team match 3 Sept Qatar FIFA Competition Done
c)National league 1-30 Home & Away 4clubs from Thimphu/3 districts Done
d)Open Futsal 12-30 Sept Thimphu 0.080 FIFA Open
e)FIFA Basic Women Football coaching course 14-18 Sept Thimphu FIFA Course Done
f)MA Elite Referee Course 26-30 Sept Thimphu 0.300 FIFA(add) FIFA Course
October a)AFC U-19 qualification 1-12 Oct Dhaka 1.800 AFC AFC competition Done
b)National Team match (with Maldives) 8 Oct Thimphu FIFA Competition Done
c)National Team match (with Hong Kong) 13 Oct Thimphu FIFA Competition Done
d)King’s Cup 1-31 Oct Thimphu 15.00 Sponsor/Ticket
BFF competition Decided every
two year only
e)Live Your Goal program 6-10 Oct S/Jongkhar 1.800 FIFA(add) FIFA Done
f)Brazilian Coach visit 17-22 Oct Thimphu Short term
November a)Futsal national league 1-20 Nov Thimphu 0.340 FIFA Clubs
b)National Team match(with China) 12 Nov China FIFA Competition Done
c)National Team match 17 Nov Thimphu FIFA Competition Done
d)Open Veteran tournament 1-30 Nov Thimphu BFF competition Done
December a)Thimphu Open 1-30 Dec Thimphu Outsource competition
b)AFC C Coaching Course 1-13 Dec Gelephu 0.350 AFC AFC Course
c)Basic women referee course 12-16 Dec Gelephu 0.250 FIFA BFF Course
d)raining of U 12 & U 14 in dzongkhag 18-28 Dec 18 districts Preparing for national meet Done
e)AFC Women Referee Course 21-25 Dec Gelephu 0.250 AFC BFF Course
F)SAFF Championship Kerala 1.200 FIFA(add) SAFF Competition