FIFA, being the Governing Body of World Football, has made the provision for all Member Associations to host Special Courses in areas of:

  1. Youth Development,
  2. Grassroots,
  3. Senior Club Level Coaching,
  4. Goalkeeping.

The BFF along with FIFA will also be hosting and conducting Special Courses in similar areas on its necessity and requirements. The BFF will decide the venues for the Courses and accordingly also select the participants. The targeted affiliated units for BFF for such courses can be:

  1. All State Associations
  2. B-League Clubs (Premier & 2nd Division)
  3. Private & Government Academies
  4. Football Schools

Procedure of Application:
Upon the necessity of organising an Elite Course in the Country in a particular venue chosen by the Federation, invitation letters will be sent across to targeted affiliated units as mentioned for their interest and nominating candidates for the same.

Applications received along with proper coaching application forms (see below) will be verified and assessed and a final selection will be made for the same.