HQUFC recoup 4th position with the 2 goal win

Netting 2 stunner at consecutive minutes after the interval, HIGH QUALITY UNITED FC again grabbed 3 points from TENSUNG FC with the same 2 to nothing win today at Changlingmithang. “We couldn’t play well in the first half because we had quite a long gap after the first round, nevertheless we are glad to have won” said the strong build defender of the winning team, Chencho Nio.

Celebrating the ice breaker

Just like in their first encounter, TENSUNG FC vs HIGH QUALITY UNITED FC ended in a goalless draw. The chances however, was on the side of the away team for today. They almost went ahead at 16 minutes on the clock with a beautiful cross from forward Tenzin Thinley but the striker needed a bit of composure. Until the whistle of break, HQUFC squandered about 7 exceptional chances but made it sure that the TENSUNG forward couldn’t get pass their strong defense.

The game after the break was no different as the men in yellow had excessively dominated the game threatening the strong army team. HQUFC went ahead at 63 minutes with a very clean goal from defense Chencho Nio, the one who nailed the winning goal in their first game against the same opponent. A minute after followed a well thought goal from Phuntsho Tashi making it 0-2 at 64 minutes. Not being able to get pass the wall of opponents defense, TENSUNG’s thirst for revenge remained unquenched.

For the next match match, we will have GELEPHU FC vs UGYEN ACADEMY FC tomorrow at 4pm.

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