Indian tigresses prevail over Bhutanese dragons India tops the table after 1-0 victory over resilient Bhutanese side.

Bhutan vs India

The first half brought no changes with equal strength between Bhutan and India. Majority of the spectators who were supporting Bhutan sighed in chorus as India’s team captain, H. Shilky Devi scored only goal in today’s match.

Bhutan vs India

The competition between the two teams was fair and tough, but India locked the scoreboard with their one lucky shot.

Bhutan vs India

Nearing the end of the match, three minutes of added time were given which was occupied with minor injuries occurred amongst the Indian u-15 women.

It was a close enough match between the Indian tigresses and the Bhutanese dragons. The next match for India will be during the semi-finals on 16th of August.

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