Nepal secure 4 against Pakistan: Full time report

The viewers imitate Pakistan’s team coach as he comments away on his players’ movements. Noticing his girls descending on their game play, he substituted two new players in.

Pakistan 0:2 Nepal

However, Nepal succeeded in gaining two more scores shot by jersey number 12 again, Sabita Ranamagar and jersey number 9, Rajani Thokar after 10 and 13 minutes pass the start of second half. At the audience’s amusement, injuries of two players of opposite teams occur due to their clash.

Tonight’s game subsided in intensity nearing the end of the match with very little progress in changing the score board.

Pakistan 0:2 Nepal

Instead, the number of substitutions and free kicks of no good results raised along with fixed scores of Nepal 4-0 Pakistan. Nepal made several attempts with their shots but Pakistan’s defense increased in strength resolving for the final score of 4-0.

Pakistan 0:2 Nepal


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