One goal thriller

Star of the day, Captain Lhendup Dorji

Captain to the rescue, the lone goal from Lhendup Dorji gave HIGH QUALITY UNITED FC the pivotal 3 points taking them to the top 3 surpassing the top team TRANSPORT UNITED FC winning over the UGYEN ACADEMY FC in their own backyard.

Starting half saw the visitors extreme control over the ball possession but the home team, as they stated in the Pre-match conference didn’t give a comfortable game to HIGH QUALITY UNITED FC as after 20 minutes both the team came into a serious form of attacks and counterattacks leading to fouls and little brawls. Captain Lhendup almost put HQUFC ahead at 34 minutes on the clock but his glancing header went too wide squandering the glorious chance.

The game after the break was other way round as the hosts went into attacking mode, threatening the team standing 4th on the table HQUFC with continuous attempts. However, Captain Lhendup Dorji broke the tedious deadlock at 83 minutes on the clock when he got better of both the defense and goalie to walk in the winner.

Mr. Lobazang, the head coach of the winning team said “It is too soon to be happy and celebrate as we are just in Round 1. We have a long way to go” when asked about his feelings on reaching the 3rd position on the table.

For tomorrow, we will have THIMPHU CITY vs RINGPUNG FC.