Stalemate at Changlingmithang

Breaking the tedious deadlock at 75 minutes on the clock by Karma Cheltrim, runners up of 2020 UGYEN ACADEMY took the lead but shortly followed the pivotal equalizer when CITY defender Phuntsho Jigme headed in the stunning shot which had the teams sharing a point each by the game time.

UAFC celebrates the goal!

The defending champion of 2020 almost went ahead early at 6 minutes from the match commencement when Yeshi Dorji found the goalie off guard but the ball hit the foot of UA goalie to bounce back. The starting half saw the young UGYEN ACADEMY team press on the top team CITY threatening them with an exceptional counterattacks on every attack they faced. The teams had equal amount of fabulous chances, the rage of going in front kept the match stretched till the whistle for the break. However, having squandered all the attempts, the first half remained goalless.

After the break, came the ice breaker from the UA defender Karma Cheltrim at 75 minutes putting tremendous pressure on the top team. Nevertheless, the tall wall of CITY Phuntsho Jigme leveled up with the visitors just after 6 minutes ending the the game in 1-1 draw by the full. In the last few minutes of additional time, UAFC was a man down with their defender Jigme Choda getting seriously injured but the top notch goalie Tenzin Dorji and their defender kept the threat at bay. UGYEN ACADEMY FC keeper Tenzin Dorji gave the league some very beautiful saves today.

“We planned to either win or to draw and I am happy with the result” said the UAFC head coach Mr. Bikash Pradhan.

For the next match we will have HIGH QUALITY UNITED FC vs PARO FC tomorrow at Changlingmithang.