A lone goal from Captain Galey Wangmo gave Sunrise Women’s FC the most pivotal win of Kelme-Bhutan National Women’s League 2021 defeating Ugyen Academy Women’s FC today at Changlimithang. Sunrise ends their journey of 1st round of the season on the top.

The crucial game 1st round of Kelme-Bhutan National Women’s League 2021’s first half had the hosts facing quite a tremendous pressure from the visitors. However, Sunrise Women’s FC got their lead at 24 minutes as their Captain Galey Wangmo slides in right pass the Ugyen Academy goalie Sangita Monger. The main defender slipped in an attempt to clear the threat leaving goalie stranded without any guard. Nevertheless, UAWFC went in full search of an equalizer and even almost got it at 35 minutes on the clock but their forward Sunita Rai was whistled on for an offside at the crucial moment.

The second half expectedly grew in intensity. UAWFC got 2 indirect free kicks at 56 and 58 minutes respectively but was refused by Sunrise goalie Nima Lhaden. Nima gave the league it’s most stunning save today leaving the spectators shocked as she dived to save the powerful kick from UA forward Tshering Yangden. Despite all the chances for the away team, the lone goal of the starting half proved to be enough to put the game to bed.

“Though I am happy that we have grabbed yet another 3 points but it is way too soon to celebrate so we will be giving our best till the end” said Rinchen Dema, the head coach of Sunrise Women’s FC.

For the next match we will have Mandala FC vs Paro Women’s FC at Changlimithang tomorrow.

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