Profile of a Grassroots Coach Educator

The main mission of grassroots educators is to ensure the kid’s development in physical, social, psychological and educational aspects. The grassroots educator knows the game and understands the children but not everything. However, the coach-educator must have an excellent understanding of the philosophies of grassroots football.

Letting children play and be happy is the most essential thing for coach educator than winning and losing. Football can convey values such as respect, teamwork, friendship, healthy lifestyle etc.

Profile of a Grassroots Coach Educator

The coach-educator must teach through encouragement and joy but letting kids play is the most important thing. Playing is an enjoyable way for children to learn, an excellent way of developing psychomotor skills and allowing children to relax and overcome anxiety. It encourages children to take initiatives, risks, and invention while enjoying football and sharing happiness.

The coach-educator must have a certain basic knowledge:

Knowledge of children:

  • General developmental features at different ages
  • Relationships, behavior, communication and language

Teaching and organizational skills:

  • The methods of teaching
  • Organizing a football session
  • Organizing a tournament
  • Organizing a festival

Basic knowledge of football:

  • Small-sided games
  • Football games/exercises
  • Teaching the basic techniques of football