UAWFC gets a comfortable win against Yangchenphug WFC hammering 8 goals at Changlimithang today. Yangchenphug has ended their journey of Kelme-Bhutan National Women’s League 2021 on the bottom of the table with 1 point from their draw against Taktshang WFC.

Ugyen Academy WFC has a lot of talented players but Sunita Rai is the core of the team. She started football at the age of 13 when she was in 7th standard at Gomtu and she initially caught the eye of her coach with her speed during a sports meet. She was placed as striker but currently is a winger and believes that she does better in her current position. Sunita aka Chutki is the pro-assist of UAWFC as she has assisted majority of the goals so far in the tourney and defying her small-built physique, has unbelievably powerful kick.

“While my friends wake up early and study for exams, i go for a run to keep myself fit. I am prioriotizing my passion over studies because i don’t think education is the only way to earn a living” says the dedicated player. She was the part of U18/U19 Women’s Team for 4 years starting from 2016. Chutki, now, is gearing up for the selection of Senior Women’s National squd and hopes to find her name in the list.

“She has the pace and tactic to assist. If she continues being passionate i think she will do wonders” says Denka, the head coach of Ugyen Academy WFC.

For the next match we will have Paro WFC vs Mandala WFC at Woochu Sports Arena tomorrow.

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