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1. Commercial Manager 1 Thimphu
2. Videographer 2 Thimphu



AIM AND PURPOSE OF THE JOB : The main responsibility of the role is to lead on the development of all revenue streams for the Bhutan Football Federation and will be the driving force behind the commercial arm of the BFF. This will include maximizing sales in area including, perimeter boards, program advertisements and match sponsorships. The successful applicant will develop relationships and revenue streams with current commercial partners as well as secure new business.

You will be responsible for the commercial activities of Bhutan Football Federation and be the primary contact person for all commercial activity connected with the BFF.


  1. To generate income for Bhutan Football Federation through the sale of ground advertising.
  2. To generate income for Bhutan Football Federation through the sale of match day sponsorships; and programme advertising.
  3. To ensure that relationships with all Commercial Partners of BFF are successfully maintained.
  4. To undertake commercial activities as directed by BFF with a view to increasing revenue streams.
  5. To work closely with the marketing team to drive sales and traffic to the BFF.
  6. To prepare monthly written reports, on commercial activities and projections

Minimum Essential Requirements
The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate most, if not all, of the following qualities:

  1. The ability to work as part of a team with minimal supervision.
  2. Excellent inter personal and communication skills.
  3. The ability to complete financial projection reports.
  4. Good literacy and numeracy skills.
  5. A knowledge of sales and marketing practices.
  6. Computer Literate.
  7. Innovative ideas associated with income generation on behalf of BFF.
  8. Experience/Qualifications/Training.
  9. Previous commercial experience.
  10. Previous sales and marketing experience.
  11. Previous IT experience.

Prior experience in professional sports marketing/sales.



  1. For live broadcasts of sports events, you will often have to make video edits in camera, and then go back and edit final footage for uploading to a website
  2. Production of graphic design, effects and treatment
  3. Conduct pre-game and post-game interviews
  4. Setting up set, lighting, teleprompter
  5. Remain involved throughout all three production phases; for small projects, you may be the videographer solely responsible for all of these phases


  1.  Three to four years of video production and editing experience
  2. Familiarity with the latest video production and video editing software
  3. Interpersonal skills and good interview skills; although you are often behind the camera during the game, you will be talking with and/or taping players, crowd members, mascots, cheerleaders, coaches, etc.
  4. Strong editing skills; get well-versed in doing in-camera edits and learn what events and plays make for the best video highlights
  5. Football knowledge
  6. Experience in Live streaming football match

A bachelor’s degree in this field is not necessary at all, but a training certificate in video production and editing will be helpful. The best way to get started is to intern or apprentice at a local sports video production company and turn that into a job as an assistant. You can also work with small elementary or high-school teams making personal mementos for players and parents. It will be imperative to learn from those working in the field, the workflow and process of shooting sports professionally.


  1. Citizen Identity card
  2. Degree certificate
  3. Class twelve pass certificate

To Apply
Please email with your CV and Covering Letter with the subject “Bhutan Football Federation Commercial Manager”.

Last date of submission for application: 20Th march

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