Who will win 2018 SAFF U-15 Women’s Championship?

There is rarely a doubt that the top teams will give in their best, however, chances are open to the less expected teams to possibly astonish the audience as well. Talks have been circling around as the six regional teams namely Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri-Lanka prepare for the big tournament.

2018 SAFF U-15 Women's Championship

With months of practicing and planning, these six teams have been hustling about with equally strong determination on taking home the trophy. The pressure has been bestowed upon the viewers and supporters as well while they debate over who might win this league. Bhutan has favourable conditions, hence considered favourites in the title since they are the host country and this will be a home match for them along with the majority of fan support. They have been leaving little space for rest with this tournament seeming intense for them. With Bangladesh winning the championship during the previous SAFF U-15 Women’s Championship, a belief has been embedded in the players’ minds that they will do amazing this time as well, just like last year.

Bangladesh has high hopes ever since their win and also reasoning that they have participated in regional and international tournaments during the past years. India is favourably strong as well having marked the history of this championship playing well from their part. They have been titled the runners-up for the 2017 U-15 Women’s Championship so they will be better determined to challenge a tough match, expecting to take home the trophy.

2018 SAFF U-15 Women's Championship

The team from Nepal is rather heartily ready for this tournament. According to the team coach, they have a good game plan and aspire to win the title, if not, to grab something positive from this league. Sri-Lanka and Pakistan will be playing again after a gap of three years. Behind closed scenes, there are probabilities of them having prepared well enough to play tough given the fact of having a long stretch of time to practice during the three years of break. It is unpredictable who might win in this championship for there are a lot of reasoned possibilities provided to the thinkers.

The viewers might also like to keep a space for the unexpected as one never knows how things will draw towards the end of the game.

2018 SAFF U-15 Women's Championship

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